Managing Director & CEO
Siam Group
At present, Mr. Kiatkati Chaopaknam holds the position of Managing Director and Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Siam Group in Thailand and Bangladesh. He is a member of International Association of Amusement Park & Attraction “IAAPA” in USA. He is also a member of World Water Park Association “WWPA” in USA. He is well very renowned in the Amusement park, Water Park and Entertainment sector in the world.

The Managing Director, Mr. Kiatkati has also acquired a substantial amount of professional work experience in the entertainment business sector. From 2001 to 2003, he worked as a Senior General Manager for Concord Entertainment Co. Ltd. He had worked on the company’s outdoor amusement and water theme park project “Fantasy Kingdom”, where he set up all operation system and management for 3 years and assumed the responsibility for the operation of 40 amusement ride machines and 6 water rides including the “wave pool”. Prior to this, he had also worked as a Director Operation for Central Play land Co. Ltd. and managed the company’s biggest rooftop indoor amusement and water park, “Leoland”( area more than 40,000 sqm per floor) and he had controlled the management of Central City, Bangna Shopping mall. (Area 40,000 sqm x 6 floor = 240,000 sqm, Designed by Forrec Ltd., Canada, which is one of the most renowned designer companies for entertainment business in the world).

Mr. Kiatkati Chaopaknam was born in Thailand in 1957. He completed his Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering in Technical Education and Science from the Department of Teacher Training in Mechanical Technology at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology. He is also acquired a diploma in Industrial Mechanics from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology.