4siam entertainment

Siam Entertainment Co. Ltd is a private limited company registered by the Board of Investment. The registration number is project is J-95080612020-H, Dated 28th December 2006. Siam Entertainment Co. Ltd (Bangladesh) is a private company limited (joint venture between Bangladesh and Thailand) under Companies Act, 1994.


Siam Entertainment Co. Ltd is an well-known organization specialized in ride machine manufacture, Hotel, Resort, Amusement and Water-park, Shopping Mall, Indoor Amusement Theme Park, Restaurant, Bar and Club.

Mr. Kiatkati (Somyoth) Chaopaknam is the first Managing Director of this organization (Siam Entertainment Co. Ltd) until now.

Businesses under this Company are as follows.

  • Family Fun World indoor amusement park in Concord Twin Tower shopping mall, Dhaka.
  • Amusement Ride Machine factory that manufactures ride machines.
  • Regency Siam Spa in Dhaka Regency Hotel, which is the best and largest spa center in Bangladesh.
  • Traditional Thai Spa Center development and management.